Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.– Doug Larson

Even the most mundane of days can look special from a different perspective. From a new direction to brighter colors, let me share with you how I see the world. Sometimes, even how the world sees me.

Shot on iPhone by me.

A walkway next to the USC Levanthal School of Accounting
Between ASCJ and PED
Sunrise after All Night Grad Party
A view of Lake Audubon
A street in Boston
A view of sailboats on the Pacific Ocean from Cabrillo National Park
A sunset on a bridge
Bright yellow house in the Venice Canals
Sunset in Changhua
Sisters under the cherry blossoms
The Citgo sign in Boston
Clock tower by Mudd Hall
Cornell slope covered in snow
CPA during golden hour
San Diego coves
Creek near the W&OD
Stores and houses in Daan District in Taipei
Sunset at Dockweiler
Doheny Memorial Library during golden hour
Washington Monument
Sitting top deck at Dodger Stadium
Eaton Canyon Falls
CPA from EVK during dusk
Fenway Park from the press box
SC logo banners on McClintock Avenue in front of SCA
Water flowing down a landscaping feature at the Getty Museum
Golden hour on the I-110
A flame during a summer bonfire
Gondola at Sun Moon Lake during a typhoon
Shadow of a girl on grass
Griffith Observatory at night
Sunrise at Dulles International Airport
Senior sunset
Manhattan Beach
El Matador Beach
Marina in Boston
Union Station
Very colorful sunset
On a walk
Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory
Rocks at the Lakefill along Lake Michigan
Orange sunset on a hill
Palm trees on the freeway during golden hour
Sunrise on a red-eye around the Potomac River
Bright playground evoking childhood memories
Pink and blue sunset from the dorm
Sunset in DC
Rain pouring at a print shop
View of Providence from RISD
Rainbow from San Diego
San Diego Bay during dusk
Smiles all around
South Bay at night from a plane
Red house among dry shrubs in Santa Monica Mountains
Taipei at night from inside a building
Creek by TJ
Tree with both green and orange leaves under a blue sky
Sunset while crossing a street in Chinatown
On a walk in the neighborhood
Photo of HackSC people at the self-checkout
Street lined with beachfront properties in Venice Beach
Rainbow in the USC Village
Webb Tower during dusk from the intersection of McClintock Avenue and Jefferson Boulevard
View of DTLA from Phillips Hall
McCarthy Honors College after rain
Nature along the W&OD trail
Betel nut trees in Yuchih
First view of USC from the USC Hotel
Sunset at Tysons Corner Mall
Strong coffee after getting woken up by the fire alarm at 5:30 am